Classic Winches

Size 18


  • Two speed
Drum Ř D 60 mm
Base Ř B 114 mm
Height H 110 mm
Line Entry L 45 mm
Weight 2.6 kg
Gear ratio 1st speed 1.0 : 1
Gear ratio 2nd speed 2.1 : 1
Power ratio 1st speed 8.3 : 1
Power ratio 2nd speed 17.4 : 1


Product Information

Whether you have a smaller yacht, or are just looking for that traditional look, Andersen Classic Winches provide hallmark quality and performance in a simple non self-tailing configuration.

Winch Selection Guide - Click to use our winch selector tool which calculates the details of your winch requirements. Please note that the Guide is based on standards and will not reflect all variables and differences in the large variety of yacht types and sizes on the market.

Click to download a Classic Winch Owner’s Manual.

Two speed model, with conventional top mounted handle provides a perfect economical solution for trailerable yachts and small keel boats where constant trimming is required.

All Andersen Classic Winches feature the Andersen Power Rib™ for safe, reliable grip and controlled release.