Self-Tailing Electric Winches

82-3 STE FS Three Speed - Full Stainless, 24 Volt


  • Intelligent push-button technology
  • Easy assembly and dismantling for service and maintenance
  • Motor protected from overload by amperage sensor
  • All electric motors fitted with thermal cutouts in case of overheating
  • Supplied complete with installation manual, electronics box, switches and cable terminals
Drum D 170 mm
Base B 318 mm
Height H 305 mm
Line Entry L 127 mm
Line Size 12-18 mm
Weight 54 kg
Deck K
106 mm
Motor Depth J 247 mm
Gear Length S 73 mm
Motor Length N 382 mm


Product Information

Representing a combination of safe sailing and convenient push-button technology, these winches are designed to allow easy assembly and dismantling for service and maintenance. In addition, the motor is protected from overload by an amperage sensor installed to cut off power at a pre-set load. As a further precaution, all electric motors are fitted with thermal cutouts in case of overheating.

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