How do I identify my winch for service and support activities?

ANDERSEN Winches are marked with a Product Identification Code with the production year, month and version no. (YY-MM-VER.) stamped onto the top surface of the deck flange, between the mounting bolt holes. You can find it only when the stainless steel winch drum is removed.

Older Model Product Identification Code Location - on very old winches, the Product Identification Code was stamped on the bottom side of the deck flange.

This Product Identification Code should always be referred to when ordering Service Kits, Conversion Kits or spare parts.

Which kind of Electric drive unit will fit?

When enquiring or ordering powered units (Conversion Kits), refer to the Product Identification Code to insure proper fit.

How often do I need to service and re-grease my ANDERSEN Winches?

In normal recreational use, we recommend cleaning, greasing and inspection of all moving parts every 2 years for extending winch life. Under extensive use, such as racing, charter or blue water sailing, we recommend more regular maintenance procedures; at least once every year.

Can I use any kind of grease to service and re-grease my winches?

No! We strongly recommend always using ANDERSEN Winch Grease, when lubricating your winches. Several types of grease, including some labelled “marine grease” are not suitable for lubrication of winches. Non-suitable grease can cause malfunction, which could result in serious injury.).

I have “ANDERSEN Scandinavia” winches on my boat; they would have been purchased prior to 1992. Which service kits should be used for these winches?

Please use the following link to our Service Kit section. This will guide you to the correct service kit for your winch.

Is it possible to arrange an ANDERSEN winch so that the drum turns in the opposite direction to normal?

No, this is not an option. ANDERSEN winches are constructed for one-way rotation only.

When replacing pawls and springs in my ANDERSEN Winches, are there concerns I need to take into consideration?

Yes, the current type of springs are not uni-directional. They have different end ‘arms’ and can only be positioned in one direction. Please follow the pawl springs instructions on this link.

What does the "FS" in 52 ST FS mean?

FS means “Full Stainless.” “FS” winches feature a polished stainless steel top disc spring instead or the black plastic disc on Standard ST winches. From size 46ST and up “FS” winches feature a polished stainless steel bottom ring instead of the black plastic ring on Standard winches. All 40ST and smaller winches have a drum that extends to the deck and don’t have a bottom ring.

Can I add self-tailing functionality to my manual ANDERSEN winch?

No, it is not possible to add self-tailing to your existing manual winches. The two types of winches are different in basic construction.

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