Service Kits

Regular maintenance is important for smooth and trouble-free operation of your winches. ANDERSEN Winch Service Kits use authentic factory replacement parts and include all the crucial spare parts necessary to ensure perfect performance from your winch every time.

In normal recreational use, we recommend cleaning, greasing and inspection of all moving parts every 2 years for extending winch life. Under extensive use, such as racing, charter or blue water sailing, we recommend more regular maintenance procedures; at least once every year.

The Service Kit parts lists are in pdf format and require a pdf reader to be viewed and printed (e.g. Adobe Reader). Please click on the link below relevant to your winch to view the content of the kit.

Winch Accessories - Service Kits

Product Number RA700020 RA700021 RA710040 RA710001 RA710002
Model Service kit to suit Line TenderService kit to suit 52STService kit to suit 82-3ST v1.0 (04-2018/later)Service kit to suit 12ST,28ST(10.2005/earlier) + 40STService kit to suit 46ST (1982 - 1993)
Weight  (g)

Product Number RA710003 RA710004 RA710005 RA710006 RA710007
Model Service kit to suit 56ST, 66STService kit to suit Classic 10, 16, 28, 40, 46Service kit to suit Classic 56Service kit to suit Classic 6,10,16,28,40,46 (Basic items)Service kit to suit 78ST (10.2005/later)
Weight  (g)

Product Number RA710008 RA710009 RA710010 RA710011 RA710012
Model Service kit to suit 52ST (v2.5 2009/earlier)Service kit to suit 110STService kit including springs for Andersen winchesService kit to suit 46ST (1993 - 1996)Service kit to suit 58ST, 62ST
Weight  (g)

Product Number RA710013 RA710014 RA710015 RA710016 RA710017
Model Service kit to suit 68ST, 72STService kit to suit Classic 90, 91, 92Service kit to suit Classic 100, 101, 102Service kit to suit Classic 6Service kit to suit 46ST (1997- v3.2 07.2006)
Weight  (g)

Product Number RA710018 RA710019 RA710022 RA710023 RA710024
Model Service kit to suit 12ST,18ST, 28ST(11.2005/later), 34STService kit to suit 46ST v.4.0(08.2006/later), 48ST, 50STBelow-Deck Compact Motor™ Service & Seal Replacement InstructionsBelow-Deck Compact Motor™ Service, Seal Replacement & Water Trap Retrofit InstructionsAbove-Deck Compact Motor™ Service & Seal Replacement Instructions for winches 28ST, 34ST & 40ST
Weight  (g)

Product Number RA710025 RA710027
Model Above-Deck Compact Motor™ Service & Seal Replacement Instructions for winches 46ST & 50STAbove-Deck Compact Motor™ Service & Seal Replacement Instructions for winches 68ST & 72ST
Weight  (g)