Electric Winch Conversion Kits

Electric Conversion Kits

Converting your winch from manual to electric motor-driven operation is easy using ANDERSEN's Electric Conversion Kits. Available in either E1 single speed, Electric Two Speed, or Compact Motor™ Variable Speed power units, our conversion kits can be fitted to most modern ANDERSEN Winches™ ranging from size 28ST to 110ST and are available in 12V or 24V.

Installation is straight forward with all kits including everything you need to do-it-yourself, or have your preferred yard do it for you. A comprehensive installation manual, templates, push button and cable terminals are provided in every kit. Our comprehensive network of Distributors and resellers are always available to answer any question regarding the right conversion kit and installation process for your specific ANDERSEN Winch™.

Electric Winch Conversion Kit Range