Winch Grease

Winch Grease

We strongly recommend always using ANDERSEN winch grease, when lubricating your winch. ANDERSEN winch grease is a high quality silicone/Teflon® grease product. Most other types of grease, including “marine grease” are not suitable for lubrication of winches. Non-suitable grease products can cause malfunction, which could result in fatal injuries for the user and others.

Due to the best choice of materials and high precision in manufacturing, we recommend, for normal use, only to dismantle, clean and lubricate the winch once every second year. Under extensive use, such as racing, charter or blue water sailing, we recommend to lubricate the winch at least once every year.

Support Guide

We strive to manufacture the best stainless steel winches in the world. In addition we want to be of as much help as possible in selecting, maintaining and repairing the winches we make. In the menu below you will find resources and tools that will help you achieve the best winch experience.