New Andersen Winches 34ST and 50ST

Two new models available from 15th June fit nicely into the Andersen range of stainless steel winches.
Both are available in Full Stainless and Black Trim versions.
The 34ST is dimensionally the same as the 28ST with a low first gear ratio for fast trim, while offering a power ratio of 33.8 : 1 in second gear. More “grunt” for less muscle power makes it a good option if you don’t really need to step all the way up to the 40ST.

Typical applications include genoa sheets on boats 8‐ 10m and halyards on boats 9‐11m.

The 50ST replaces the 48ST model, which has now been phased out. Dimensionally the same as the 46ST, the 50ST provides more trimming power in second gear with its 49.3:1 power ratio. A nice option midway between the existing 46ST and 52ST models to handle genoa sheets on boats 10‐ 12m and halyards on boats 12‐ 14m.


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